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The Book of Patch


The Ultimate Guide to Patch Tarot

Master the
Essential Tarot
Discover the Secrets
of the Ancients
Unlock the Power
Within You

A Look inside The Book of Patch

The Book of Patch contains 5 chapters which each look at a different aspects of Patch Tarot for anyone who really wants to learn all there is to know about Tarot!

Chapter 1 ~ Stepping into Tarot

This first part of the book looks at the foundations of Tarot and explains the many aspects of each component that builds the deck. Learn about the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, Royal Arcana, esoteric basics and more information about the new special Holy Arcana cards!

Chapter 2 ~ Card Descriptions

This is the largest section of the book and is almost 300 pages long! Each card description contains much more detail than is on the website or in our app and really explores the cards in incredible detail.

You can also read Jordan’s personal notes and get more information on why all of the changes to the cards were made.

Chapter 3 ~ Advanced Qabalistic Tarot

This chapter really gets into the esoteric nature behind Tarot and the energies that make up all of creation! Explore deeper into the Tree of Life, looking at each sphere and each path individually and as a whole! In this chapter we also look at the nature of the reversed cards as well as how to use Tarot as a tool for Ascension!

Chapter 4 ~ Charts

As it’s name implies, this chapter contains many detailed charts referenced throughout the book. This makes it easier to locate the aspects of each card, or astrological correlations quickly when doing card readings or when learning Tarot.

Chapter 5 ~ Behind the Scenes

This chapter shows many awesome in progress shots while making the cards and gives you a look into Spirit Studios and what all when into the creation Patch Tarot!

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